Christmas Day

Well what a day.  Actually, it all started on Christmas Eve, when I went along to  Church for the Mid-night service.  This actually started at 10.30 and as several of my guests wished to attend a Christmas service they came with me, which was really nice.  We didn’t get home until just after 12.30am and it was an early rise for myself, 7am,  as we had a special treat for Christmas breakfast.

Breakfast was served in the outdoor area.  What more could we ask for.  A  beautiful morning, the sun was shining and not a breath of wind.  Breakfast started with the usual continental fare but also included strawberries and cherries.  This was followed by home-made waffles with bacon , grilled bananas and Maple syrup.  Yum yum.  I do hope that all who partook enjoyed themselves.  Unfortunately my family and   the  grandchildren were unable to be here with us today.  They all live in Auckland. 

After breakfast, a planned trip to my elderly parents, where I prepared a Chistmas lunch and shared it with them, my husband Robert,  one of my sisters and her partner and adult son.    About three it was time to head back to our home and await the arrival of  more guests.  I decided that I would take a brief nap and woke 2-1/2 hours later.  Felt really guilty, but hey its Christmas – right!

We do hope that you all have had a lovely Christmas Day and that you have happy and safe holidays.  For those of you coming to stay, we look forward to meeting with you soon,

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