Winter at Olde Mill

Well we are almost into August.  Things have been a little quiet over the last couple of months,but this has enabled us to do a bit of Spring Cleaning and refurbishing  of the Heritage room ensuite by giving it a fresh coat of paint, changing the colour to a nice warm grey, so  we hope that you will like the change if you get to stay in this room.  


We have again been busy  in the cottage garden doing our annual pruning and adding an extension to one garden and making another smaller to accommodate extra parking area.  We are now waiting for the tradespeople to come and reseal the parking area for us.   We have narrowed the  garden by the garage and changed it into another rose garden.  I love my roses.  There will be four new Double Delight standard roses in this garden and  three Blackberry Nip standards in front of the new parking area.  We have also added a row of paeony roses up the side of the cottage garden.  Unfortunately no photos yet to show this as they are still underground.

Lets hope that they all flower this spring/summer and we should get an amazing display.

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